After the World Cup in 2023, the Rules of Netball were updated. In many cases, this was often a clarification of the rules to make it easier to interpret and understand, although there were some rules which were removed (e.g. toss-ups) and some rules which were introduced (e.g. advancing the penalty).  


Due to the use of central timing for community netball, even a handful of additional stops in play may cause rolling delays to game times. As a result, Netball NSW endorsed the use of rolling substitutions in community netball in place of the tactical changes rule.

Rolling Substitutions can happen at any time throughout a quarter and time does not need to be held nor the umpire notified of the intention to change. 

CNA have developed rules for implementing rolling substitutions in our junior and senior games (U10s and older). We realise that players, coaches and umpires will need some time to become familiar with rolling substitutions. We expect it will take a few rounds for teams and umpires to settle in with how the rolling substitutions will work - please be patient! (Note: There is no obligation to use rolling substitutions - do whatever works best for your team, your players.)

Difference between Tactical Changes and Rolling Subs

Umpiring NetSetGo games

Umpiring in NetSetGo is more than enforcing rules and blowing a whistle. The focus should be about fostering an environment where the players start to love the game. It's about giving the players clear directions and encouragement when infringements happen, so that the players learn what is expected in a game and how the game should flow. 

Net Set Go Umpiring summary 

Netball NSW NetSetGo Resources

Netball NSW -Modified Rules Summary for NetSetGo


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