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Netball Courts - Dudley Road, near Central Charlestown Leagues Club.
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Macquarie Cup
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Competition Draw and Results

2019 Competition:

Please click here for the draw, results and ladder. See below for Courts Layout.
♗ To everyone playing netball and parking in the cemetery, please show respect for the area. There is limited parking - we are allowed to park on the left hand side of the road as you enter and in the small parking area near the courts, but that is all.
Patrons and relatives must have access to visit their loved ones, so please do not park near graves, or walk over graves to get to the courts. Thank you.

☂ ☂ ☂  Wet Weather Updates:
We have a new message system to let teams know if we cancel due to rain, and other messages for teams.
Click here.
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Court Layout

courts layout

♕ ♕ ♕

2017 Grand Finals.
26th August.
☆ Congratulations to our Award winners today:
     Umpires Encouragement Award - Paris Mortimer
     Marie Caddies Umpires Award - Anthony Jarvis
     Coaches Encouragement Award - Mandy Ross
     Sportsmanship Award - Leonie Barrett
     Irene Murray Medal - Kristen Tangye

2014 Grand Finals:

25th August 2014. Congratulations to all our winners and runners up in the Grand Finals – well done everyone:

Division       Winners          Runners Up
10 Years       Emeralds    Blueberries
Junior Blue     Angel Fish      Cobalt
Junior Red     H2O      Cheeky Chicks

Intermediate        Aztecs    Emeralds
Cadet Blue       Crusaders    ZIPP
Cadet White       Gypsies    Galaxy
Cadet Red       Cruizers    JAZZ
Opens       Ocean View    Just Us

Senior A       Shark Bait    Crossfire
Senior B       Purnells    Atomic
Senior B1     Blue Ice    Black Diamonds
Senior C       Bombinas    Cougars

Congratulations to our Special Award winners for 2014.
Coaches Encouragement Award – Amber Laven (Kahibah Netball Club)
Umpires Encouragement Award – Tracy Carpenter (United Netball Club)
Sportsmanship Award – Michelle James (Kahibah Netball Club)
Irene Murray Medal for the player of the Final Series – Khiani Hepburn (Oceanview)

♕ ♕ ♕
25th August 2012. Congratulations to all our winners and runners up in the Grand Finals:

Division       Winners          Runners Up
10 Years       Cha Cha’s – Central    H20 – Dudley/Redhead
Junior Blue     Kangas – Kahibah      Divas – United
Junior Red     All Stars – United      Blue Crystals – Central

Intermediate Red       Candies – Central    Sapphires - Central
Intermediate Blue       Mermaids – Dudley/Redhead    Jazz – United
Cadets       Kubbies – Kahibah    Krushers – Kahibah
Coffee Club Opens       Just Us – Independent    Ocean View – Independent

Senior A       Zanzibar – United    Wanderers – Independent
Senior A1     Escarda – Kahibah    Ladiezz – Independent
Senior B       Eclipse – United    The Gathered – United
Senior C       Spritza – United    Crossfire – Central
Senior D       Rent-O-Kill – Kahibah    Cougars - Central

Congratulations to Simone McGuigan (Just Us) who won the Irene Murray Medal for Player of the Grand Final.
Umpires of the Year - Amanda Flick and Kellee Agland
Umpires Encouragement Awards - Jessica Cameron, Rebekah Norman and Nicole Bailey.

♕ ♕ ♕
27th August 2011. Congratulations to all our Grand Final winners and runners-up.

10 Years: Winners: United - Esprit    Runners Up: United - Blitz
11 Years: Winners: Dudley/Redhead - Mermaids    Runners Up: Central - Cookies n Cream
12 Years: Winners: United - Panthers    Runners Up: Dudley/Redhead - Starfish

Intermediate Red: Winners: Kahibah - Cosmetics    Runners Up: Kahibah - Starfish
Intermediate Blue: Winners: Central - Sapphires    Runners Up: Kahibah - Krushers
Intermediate White: Winners: United - Blaze    Runners Up: Macquarie - Swifts
Cadets: Winners: Kahibah - Escada    Runners Up: Central - Toxic

Senior A: Winners: Just Us    Runners Up: United - Magic's
Senior B: Winners: Dudley/Redhead - Tsunami    Runners Up: Central - Contenders
Senior C: Winners: Kuta Lines    Runners Up: United - Brenton's Girls
Senior D: Winners: Central - Caos    Runners Up: United - Opals
Senior E: Winners: United - The Gathered    Runners Up: Central - Crystallised

Congratulations to our annual award winners for 2011.
Irene Murray Medal for player of the Grand Final - Simone McGuigan (Just-Us)
Sportsmanship Award: Megan McIlveen (Central) and Jodie Mortimer (United)
Coaches Encouragement Award: Trish Hughes (United)
Umpires Encouragement Awards: Lauren McIlveen (Central), Tiu Holland (United), Sara-Jane Lang (United), Jordan Bisby (Central), Jessica Cameron (United), Casey Bisby (Central)

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