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Macquarie Cup School Competition

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Macquarie Cup Schools Competition.
22nd September 20017.
☆ Congratulations to all our winners and runners up today in our Macquarie Cup Schools Competition.
A very hot day playing netball and many close games, well done everyone!!

congratulations Junior Red
    Floraville (winners) - Eleebana (runners-up)
Junior Blue
    St Benedict's (winners) - Belmont (runners-up)
Junior White
    St Francis Xavier's (winners) - Floraville (runners-up)
Senior Red
    St Mary's (winners) - Belmont Christian College (runners-up)
Senior Blue
    St Benedict's (winners) - Eleebana (runners-up)
Senior White
    Charlestown East (winners) - Floraville (runners-up)
Senior Black
    St Paul's (winners) - St Mary's (runners-up)
Senior Mixed
    Belmont North (winners) - St Mary's (runners-up)

Macquarie Cup and Shield:

12th September 2014.
☆ Congratulations to the following schools who were winners and runners up at the Grand-Finals
of the Macquarie Cup and Shield Netball Competition today.

Junior Red    Floraville    Charlestown East
Junior Blue    Belmont     Hillsborough
Junior White    St. John's    St. Benedicts

Senior Red    St. Mary's    Charlestown East
Senior Blue    St. Joseph's    Belmont
Senior White    St. Joseph's    Jewells Emeralds
Senior Black    Belmont North    St. John's
Senior Mixed    Jewells Diamonds    Windale

Well done to all schools and we look forward to 2015.

2013 Macquarie Cup
18th September. Congratulations to all our winners and runners-up in the Macquarie Cup, Schools Netball Competition.

2013 Grand Finals
Division Winner Runners-Up
Junior Red St Mary’s – Warners Bay Floraville
Junior Blue Eleebana Belmont
Junior White St Paul’s – Gateshead St Mary’s – Warners Bay
Senior Red Charlestown East St Paul’s – Gateshead
Senior Blue Belmont Belmont Christian College
Senior White St Paul’s – Gateshead Windale
Senior Black Belmont North Jewells

25th September 2012. Congratulations to all our winners and runners up in the recent Grand Finals:

Junior Red:
Winners: St Mary's Warners Bay       Runners Up: Charlestown East
Junior Blue:
Winners: Belmont Christian College     Runners Up: St Mary's Warners Bay
Junior White:
Winners: St Joseph's Charlestown       Runners Up: Belmont

Senior Red:
Winners: Eleebana       Runners Up: Floraville
Senior Blue:
Winners: Jewells       Runners Up: Belmont Christian College
Senior White:
Winners: St Francis Xavier's Belmont       Runners Up: Gateshead West
Senior Black:
Winners: St Mary's Warners Bay       Runners Up: Belmont

23rd September 2011. Congratulations to the following schools who won their Grand Finals today:

Junior Division 1   Floraville (Winners)     St Benedict's (Runners Up)
Junior Division 2   St Paul's (Winners)     Hillsborough (Runners Up)
Junior Division 3   St Paul's (Winners)    Windale (Runners Up)

Senior Division 1   St Mary's (Winners)    Eleebana (Runners Up)
Senior Division 2   Hillsborough (Winners)    Belmont Christian College (Runners Up)
Senior Division 3   Charlestown East (Winners)   St Paul's (Runners Up)
Senior Division 4   Gateshead West (Winners)   St Paul's (Runners Up)

24th September 2010. Congratulations to the Winners and Runners-up in our Macquarie Cup Schools Netball Competition.

Junior Red: Eleebana (Winners) - Floraville (Runners-Up)
Junior Blue: St Benedict's (Winners) - Hillsborough (Runners-Up)
Junior White: Gateshead West (Winners) - Windale 2 (Runners-Up)

Senior Red: Floraville (Winners) - Eleebana (Runners-Up)
Senior Blue: Valentine 2 (Winners) - Floraville 2 (Runners-Up)
Senior White: St Mary's (Winners) - Windale (Runners-Up)
Senior Black: Charlestown East (Winners) - Gateshead West (Runners-Up)

Congratulations to the teams playing in the Red White and Blue Junior and Senior Grand Finals of the Macquarie Cup and Shield Netball Competition on Friday 25th September 2009.
The results of the grand finals are:

Junior Red:
  Winner - Valentine     Runner Up - Floraville
Junior Blue
  Winner - Charlestown East - Billabong     Runner Up - Hillsborough
Junior White
  Winner - Windale Blue     Runner Up - Charlestown East - Seashells

Senior Red
  Winner - Floraville     Runner Up - St Mary's Warners Bay
Senior Blue
  Winner - Jewells Diamonds     Runner Up - Hillsborough
Senior White
  Winner - Charlestown East - Torpedoes Runner Up - Eleebana


2009 Competition Table          2009 Grand Final Draw

Round 1
15th May     Round 2  22nd May (washed out)    Round 3  29th May

Round 4  5th June    Round 5  19th June (washed out)     Round 6  26th June    

Round 7   3rd July     Round 8 31st July    Round 9 7th August    

Round 10 14th August     Round 11 21st August     Round 12 28th August    

Round 13 4th September     Round 14 11th September    Round 15 18th September


2008 Grand Final Results (Friday 26th September)
Junior Red     Winners Charlestown East     Runners-Up Floraville
Junior Blue     Winners Eleebana     Runners-Up Floraville
Senior Red      Winners St Joseph’s Squirts     Runners-Up Floraville
Senior Blue     Winners St Benedicts     Runners-Up Floraville
Senior White     Winners Jewells Emeralds     Runners-Up St Joseph’s Starbursts

2008 Floraville Senior A      2008 Floraville Senior B
2008 Floraville Senior A2008 Floraville Senior B
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The 2007 Macquarie Cup Finals were played on Friday 14th September and we were delighted to have Jon Fletcher from the Hunter Jaegers present the trophies.
Junior Division - Floraville Red with Floraville Blue runners up.
Senior Division - Floraville with Belmont Christian runners up and Valentine third.

Junior WinnersJunior Runners Up
Junior Winners 2007 School Competition Junior Runners Up 2007 School Competition

Senior WinnersSenior Runners Up
Senior Winners 2007 School Competition Senior Runners Up 2007 School Competition

2006 Competition Winners

School Competition    School Competition

School Competition   
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