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Affiliated Clubs


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Charlestown Netball Association has entered into a partnership with Hunter Sports High School.
Hunter Sports High School
This will benefit both the School and the Association and we look forward to ensuring that local players receive the best overall opportunities and advice and that together we can create events that benefit Netball in the area.

For more information please visit HunterSports.

link to hunteracademy site, opens in new window       Netball - the Only sport where players get a Manicure before the game

                   link to netball nsw site, opens in new window             netball australia

link to Australian Institute of Sport site, opens in new window

international federation of netball, opens in new window

link to nsw swifts site, opens in new window    link to abc netball site, opens in new window    

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Affiliated Clubs

Affiliated Club Information

  • Central Netball Club       www.centralnetball.com.au
  •      Contact: President: Anthony Jarvis (0418 960 231) president@centralnetball.com.au
  • Dudley Redhead Netball Club
  •      Contact: President: Jodie Hadden (0419 126 103) jodie.hadden@newcastle.edu.au
  • Kahibah Netball Club
  •      Contact: President: Michelle James (0411 239 012) michellejames@live.com
  • Ulinga Netball Club
  •      Contact: President - Jessica Walmsley (0435 942 234) ulinganetball@outlook.com.au
  • United Netball Club       www.unitednetball.com.au
  •      Contact: President - Jodie Mortimer - (0414 917 895) Elly Tindall (0425 301 200) info@unitednetball.com.au
  • Independent Teams
  •      Contact: Secretary: Dianne Pascoe (0408 689 150) - dianne.pascoe@optusnet.com.au

All club officials and members are encouraged to read the policy and procedures for General Assembly representatives in the Executive Section.


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Our Sponsors

Athletes Foot.

31st January 2018.
Charlestown Netball welcomes The Athlete's Foot, Charlestown as one of our official sponsors for 2018,
with special discounts for our members. Thank you Athletes Foot.
Charlestown Netball Members - visit the store at Charlestown Square to get your discount off all netball shoes.
Click for more details. (15% Discount).
The Athlete's Foot have teamed up with @netfitnetball's Sarah Wall (@Netfitsarah) and Kim Green (@kimmygee8) to test out our great range of ASICS.
Come and get fitted for your position today.    #TheAthletesFootAU #MyFit #MyNetballFit


Our Kind Sponsors.
15th May 2017.
This week we want to thank our sponsors: we will start with Central Leagues Club, Lake Macquarie Private Hospital and Ethos Health.
Without your support, we could not survive. Thank you.
          central leagues          ramsay health          ethos health

More of our wonderful sponsors,
please support these businesses whenever you can, because they support us. Thank you.

          bakers delight          beautiful          pure performance


Charlestown Netball Association are pleased to announce Pure Performance as one of our generous Sponsors in 2017.

In order to support our registered netball players, Pure Performance are offering $20 discount towards your next shoe purchase at any of their stores at Warners Bay, Newcastle and Maitland.

In addition to supporting our players, Pure Performance are offering $5 cash back to our Clubs, when their sock packs are purchased.
You will need a voucher (see below) to produce upon purchase. Your club officials have these vouchers, or you can get them from CNA. Please write your Club name on the voucher.
Don't forget this voucher gives you $20 off your netball shoes and if you buy the sock pack, $5 to your Club.

Pure Performance will hopefully be attending Charlestown Netball Courts throughout 2017.
Stay posted for those dates!!!

         pure performance

The Athletes Foot.
Charlestown Netball welcomes The Athletes Foot, Charlestown as one of our official sponsors for 2016, with special discounts for our members. Thank you Athletes Foot.

Click for more details.
Athletes Foot Supporting Rising Stars
Kim Green Netball Ambassador

Cozzies Swimwear:
15th November 2015. Charlestown Netball want to thank Cozzies Swimwear for their sponsorship, a $20 Gift Certificate for each team playing in our Twilight Competition.
Like them on Facebook - Facebook.com/Cozziesswimwear.
cozzies swimwear

Find out more at cozziesswimwear.com.au

The Greater Building Society.
22nd May 2015.
Charlestown Netball and The Greater Building Society have joined in a partnership for the 2015 season.
Charlestown Netball are thrilled to have this sponsorship and will use it to support our Umpires through education and training.
Thank you to the Greater for your support.

Charlestown Netball Association would like to thank the following companies who are sponsoring and supporting local netball.

» Central Leagues Club
» Cozzies Swimwear
» Purnell's Trophies
» The Coffee Club

And the many sponsors of our individual teams.


Sponsorship Information

Join our team in 2018!
Want to directly market yourself, your product, your venue, your services to 2,500+ local people?
Then Charlestown Netball Association is for you!

We are looking to build worthwhile, professional and tailored relationships with local people and businesses. Visit the courts, have a chat with the people and join our team.

  • Venue Signage (full season, January to December)
  • Pamphlets/Direct Marketing to 1,500 participants and their families
  • Sponsor Announcements (game day, 24 announcements)
  • Fixture Book Advertisement - full page
  • Fixture Book Advertisement 1/2 page
  • Newsletter Advertisement - full page
  • Newsletter Advertisement 1/2 page
  • Newsletter Advertisement 1/4 page

For further information please contact
Charlestown Netball Association Office
Email: charlestownnetball@bigpond.com


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